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Thursday, August 14

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Noodles: (I 4x this recipe for our family)

Combine 1 beaten Egg, 2 T. Milk and 1 tsp. Salt. Add enough sifted flour to make a stiff dough, about 1 C. Roll very thin on floured surface; let stand about 20 minutes. Roll up loosely; slice 1/4" wide; unroll and spread out and let dry for 2 hours. Drop into boiling soup or boiling salted water and cook uncovered for 10 minutes.

Before putting the noodles in I have this simmering:

1 Onion, chopped
Salt and Pepper
Garlic Salt
2-4 Chicken Broth Cartons

Then about 20 minutes or so before I am ready to serve I add a Rotisserie Chicken or Cooked Cut-up Chicken and then I add the Noodles.

1 comment:

Ellsworth Fam said...

I love this recipe!! So far one of my faves cuz I love chicken noodle!